Dezshanal Spencer is relishing chance to be a role model

by Raven Moore

Dezshanal Spencer Bio:

DOB: 11/21/1997

Position: QB/RB

Hometown: Blytheville, Arkansas

Education: Blytheville High School


         Introducing the Memphis Blast: Dezshanal Spencer

One of the most unique players in the NFL is Lamar Jackson. Despite being a quarterback, Jackson has the same skills and big-play ability as most running backs.

However, on different levels of football, mobile quarterbacks come a dime a dozen, but that does not mean that Dezshanal Spencer has come to the Memphis Blast to be just like everyone else.

Since the age of nine, Spencer has been a weapon at running back, in large part due to the support from his mother, Valerie.

“My mother loves sports and put me in football at a young age,” Spencer said. “She pushed me harder than my coaches, just to ensure that I would be making the most of my abilities.”

Spencer continued to do that until 2016 when his daughter was born. Now five years later, he has returned to the game in large part because of his kids.

“My kids Kaiston, Amauri, and Dezshanal, are my biggest inspirations,” Spencer said. “They watch everything I do, so I try not to make any mistakes. I want them to eventually develop the love of football the same way that I did.”

So, with the decision to return to the field, it was now just about finding the right fit. Luckily for him, his friend and coach, Fred Davis, got him interested in the Memphis Blast.

“Fred knew that I could play any position,” Spencer said. “He has known me for a couple of years, so when he mentioned the Blast to me, I trusted that it could be the right spot for me.”

Despite it being years since he played a game, he still has big expectations for his time with the Blast.

“I expect to pick up where I left off,” Spencer said. “I want to win a championship and I feel like the Memphis Blast is my best chance to do that.”